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We ensure quality, responsiveness and reliability of service

Commercial litigation and Arbitration

The firm is focused on commercial disputes, tax disputes, labor disputes, land disputes, tort, intellectual property disputes and bankruptcy among others. The firm’s Partners and other advocates have in-depth knowledge of civil procedure and practice. When taking part in court proceedings, the firm understands the importance of not only what has been said, but also how it has been said. Therefore, special attention is given to preparations for participating in court proceedings, of the practical rules of judicial language and tactics used in Court.

Knowledge of the subtleties of proceedings in courts of different jurisdictions and specializations allows our lawyers to represent clients in Magistrate Courts, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Uganda, as well as other judicial forums to which our clients may find themselves subjected to; with dignity.

Our lawyers also have enormous experience in alternative dispute resolution and frequently employ the same to avoid our clients getting bogged down by the adversarial litigation system.